Joe Sparrow – editor, writer, podcaster, etc.

Joe is a journalist and broadcaster. He’s currently editor of the news, research, and analysis platform Music Ally, and hosts the Music Ally Focus podcast.

He works with music-tech businesses and helps emerging artists in their development, marketing, and strategy.

In the past, Joe ran the influential-ish and maybe-too-self-explanatory music blog ‘A New Band A Day’ from 2008-2018, and also worked in UK radio, music PR, and radio plugging.

Joe has helped organise and operate events at SXSW, The Great Escape, Most Wanted: Music, and Tech Open Air, and lectures at BIMM University in Berlin, where he lives.

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Some Projects

Here’s a few things I’ve got going on at the moment.

Music Ally


Music Ally Focus

Podcast producer and host

Most Wanted: Music

Strategy and Communication

Conference moderation

As seen at Reeperbahn, Music Ally NEXT, MW:M Berlin, BIMM Berlin, etc.

Get in touch with Joe…

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  • He likes talking about cool ideas, especially if they’re creative, new, and if you’re interesting
  • If it’s to do with music, art, writing, broadcasting and/or podcasting, it’ll probably be worth both our whiles (whileses?)
  • If not, you can just listen to him talk about 90s drum ‘n’ bass until the call – or what by then is probably an awkward coffee meeting – ends

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